Day to day photos from Key West

Key West In HDR Photographs

Welcome to Key West through the wonderful world of photography.


Gato Building…Once a Navy Building…


Key West in Photos

Welcome to a photo blog center around Key West. Since we are a four hour drive from the mainland, aka Miami, most of the photos are in the keys. If and when I get a need to photograph a Walmart or a Target I may have to change the name.  We do not have either in this fair city. My goal is to give you a feel for a city that many have visited but more have not. It is not a city that easy on the budget or for family fun. Watersports are about the only attraction for a family and hotel rooms start at $150 for something good. Better values can be found. But if you are looking for a place out of the ordinary this is your place. Hay without a Walmart and a Target to balance out the Walmart how can this place be anything other than unusual.

The real architectural beauty of this city has little to do with the present inhabitants. Sure the city sees to the trash, safety etc . The real beauty is in the history and its remnants.

The city went from bling to bust in under 100 years and as in a lot of cities in the old world when people go bust nothing changes. All progress stops. Not good for the people who are starving but move ahead a few generations and the progress that was halted has preserved the area as a time capsule .

While Miami and the upper areas of Fl were building art deco Key West was broke and people had to do with the Victorian houses from prior generations . No beauty to be found in last years styles but move ahead  3 generations and we have “the most beautiful collection of victorian architecture in the USA”

Come along as I present some of our treasured buildings. Meet some of the people who make up this diverse population.